Project – Sek On Toi

Sek On Toi is an 88-unit apartment building in the mind 1970’s for low-income seniors, is owned by Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation and is currently managed by the Housing Corporation.

No. of Units/Bedrooms:

Bachelor: 11

One-Bedroom: 77

Total: 88

Client Type: Senior Citizens

Dwelling Type: One 12-storey apartment block


 Free Income Tax Return Service: Every year around end of March or beginning of April we have volunteers from CRA come to help the seniors do their tax return. All Sek On Toi tenants and seniors in Harmony can attend.

Free Flu Shots: Every year around October we have public health nurses come to Sek On Toi to do flu shots for seniors.

Free Dinners: We have 3 to 4 Dinners every year to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival. All Sek On Toi tenants can attend.

February: Dinner to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year.

March: Free service from CRA to help senior tenants to do their tax returns.

June: Dinner to celebrate Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

September: Dinner to celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

October: Free flu shots service for senior tenants.

December: Dinner to celebrate Christmas.

Every Tuesday: Bible study at Sek On Toi.

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