Project – Harmony Mansion

Winnipeg Chinatown Non-Profit Housing Corporation is a registered charity provides rental residential spaces for low-income families.

Our Project – Harmony Mansion

Harmony Mansion is a 111-unit apartment building built in 1984. It is owned and currently managed by the Winnipeg Chinatown Non-Profit Housing Corporation, which is a registered charity.

The residents of Harmony Mansion are mostly low-income families. Tenants pay rents based on a formula related to income and the Housing Corporation receives a subsidy in connection with the operation of Harmony Mansion from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

The Housing Corporation also owns one half of a 150-space parkade located beneath the block on which Harmony Mansion is located. The parkade is managed by a third party manager.

No. of Units/Bedrooms:

Bachelor: 2

One-Bedroom: 25

Two-Bedroom (Type “A”): 50

Two-Bedroom (Type “B”): 14

Three-Bedroom: 18

Four-Bedroom: 3

Total: 111

Client Type: Families and Singles and roughly 50% of the tenants are new immigrants

Dwelling Type: One ten-storey apartment block

Activities: We have a private day care on site for working families and common room for mah jong and other tenant activities.

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